Use Your Best Technique in Wing Chun

Let’s talk about using your best technique in Wing Chun!

I’m sure you have one. I have one. It’s Lop Sau. My worst technique that needs the most work? Pak Sau. The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because I want you to know it’s okay to have weaknesses.

The other day after class, I had a chance to talk with my Sifu about the various amounts of techniques in Wing Chun. He says something along the lines of…it’s good to know all the techniques but it’s okay to only be good at a few of them because everyone is different. The difference can be because of various reasons: shape, size, mentality. These differences shape our techniques and are reflected in them.

I think if you have a technique you’re good at and it comes to you naturally, you should own it. Make it the best then use it to extend your strengths to cover your weaknesses.

I think it’s also good to acknowledge your weakness because then you will know what to work on to improve. For me, it’s Pak Sau. What about you?

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