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My name is Edgar and I started learning Wing Chun in August 2009 under Terrance Yip (Yip Chick Pui) in New York City.

Update: In April 2014, Sifu Terrance Yip (Chick Pui) passed away. I have continued learning under his senior instructor and my new Sifu, Thierry Remion.

I created this website to chronicle my Wing Chun training and share my tips to help improve other Wing Chun practitioners. I am only offering my perspective of Wing Chun. I am not an instructor or a grand master, I am just a student.

My Wing Chun Lineage

Wing Chun Lineage

Wing Chun Demonstration

Public demonstration for American Cancer Society. I’m the one with the mohawk.

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I organized my articles on this page for those who are new to Wing Chun and those who are experienced. But don’t let the labels “new” or “experienced” stop you from reading it. If you have any questions or would like to offer your feedback on any of the articles, leave a comment and be sure to click the link that says “Subscribe via e-mail.” I will reply the best I can and possibly, other readers of the article will do the same.

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