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Compliment Your Wing Chun Training

Complement Your Wing Chun Training

What can we add to our training to improve our Wing Chun? Here’s what I add to my training.

How Long Does it Take to Master a Wing Chun Technique?

This is how long it takes to master just one Wing Chun technique!

Adapt Wing Chun to Your Height

Your height determines how effective your Wing Chun techniques are.

Strength vs Technique. Which matters more?

Is there a balance between the strength and technique in Wing Chun?

Using Uppercuts in Wing Chun

Why are we not using them in Wing Chun? Here are three ways you can incorporate them when you’re inside your opponent’s space.

Name That Wing Chun Technique!

Let’s talk about the names of our Wing Chun techniques. Does it have to be called “Bong Sau” or “Tan Sau”?

Continuous Striking in Wing Chun

Today we talk about continuous striking in Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Training with a Partner

Whether you’re just starting or more experienced in Wing Chun, it’s okay to get hit when training. Learn how to safely practice with a partner in Wing Chun!

My Favorite Martial Arts Movies That are NOT Ip Man

These movies feature realistic close range fighting without overly exaggerated fight choreography.