Continuous Striking in Wing Chun

Let’s talk about continuous striking in Wing Chun.

When I was a beginner, I would focus on landing that one strike on my opponent then resetting. Over time, my Sifu told my class to do more than one. The reason is to adapt to the circumstance.

For example, I do one strike and my opponent counters. I should have a second strike ready to follow up my first strike to disrupt my opponent’s counter strike.

By training for continuous strikes, it teaches us to be aware of our options after our initial strike.

If you have trouble getting to the next strike, here are 3 ways that can help you focus on your follow up strike.

  1. Can you change your current defending hand into an attack?
  2. Can you strike again with the same striking hand?
  3. Can you switch your attack from high to low (low to high)?

When you can change your mentality to think about landing multiple strikes on an opponent, this lets you be steps ahead of them. It may take some practice to get used to this idea but I think it’s worth it.

Question: How many clean successful strikes can you land on your opponent?

The ABCs of Wing Chun

What are the ABCs of Wing Chun? “Always Be Counter-striking”!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to counterstrike:

  1. You’re getting hit, you need to stop getting hit. Counterstrike to change your opponent’s mentality from being aggressive to being more defensive.
  2. If you don’t strike back it lets your opponent know they can keep attacking you. Take control of the momentum so that it’s in your favor, not their’s.
  3. Wing Chun’s defense is also the offense.

Keep that in mind that next time you’re training with a partner.

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