Our Latest Posts About Wing Chun

Yip Man Shifting

The Four Open Hand Forms of Wing Chun

Let’s talk about the four types of open hand forms in Wing Chun.

Cheung Tin Chi’s Cross Arm Defense from Ip Man 3

Let’s talk about the Cross Arm Defense used by Ip Man 3’s Cheung Tin Chi (the aggressive Wing Chun guy).

Use Your Best Technique in Wing Chun

What is your best Wing Chun technique? Here’s mine.

Do You Practice Wing Chun Everyday? Here’s My Challenge!

Today I’m challenging you to practice Wing Chun…everyday!

Forward Energy and Using Good Angles in Wing Chun

Use good angles in Wing Chun to propel our forward energy!

The Only Kicks You Need in Wing Chun

These are the only kicks you need in Wing Chun!

Take Downs in Wing Chun

In Wing Chun, I think take downs are very effective but they’re not practiced as much as other drills.

The “Defend With One Hand” Drill

This is one of my favorite Wing Chun drills. Try it out alone or with a partner!

Why Sash or Belt Levels Don’t Matter

Why “advancing” to the next level may not be the right motivator for Wing Chun training.