Cheung Tin Chi’s Cross Arm Defense from Ip Man 3

Let’s talk about the Cross Arm Defense used by Cheung Tin Chi (the aggressive Wing Chun guy) in Ip Man 3.

I don’t know much about the Cheung Tin Chi character and I’m not sure if he’s based on an actual person in real life but it’s great to finally see a different style of Wing Chun in the Ip Man movies.

Overall, I think the stance looks really good and resembles a battle stance. From a usage point of view, the Cross Arm Defense works whether my opponent attacks my right or left side. The only weakness I can see is the Bong Sau side because of the exposed opening from raising my arm for Bong Sau. Of course, that may have been intentional to bait an opponent into kicking range. It definitely feels more aggressive!

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