Let’s Talk About Chum Kiu

Let’s do the second open hand form in Wing Chun together.

Feel free to follow along if you know the form, if not, no worries. If you know Sil Lim Tao, you can follow my Sil Lim Tao here.

Let’s Chum Kiu!


Music from ODESZA: https://soundcloud.com/odesza

What Chum Kiu Means to Me

Let’s go deeper into Chum Kiu, the second open hand Wing Chun form!

Chris (from Facebook)​ brought up some great points about Chum Kiu last week and his idea is that Chum Kiu is about integrating everything from Sil Lim Tao and grouping the single techniques to form a new set of techniques that utilizes multiple movements at once. I absolutely agree with him on this but I only think this makes up half of Chum Kiu.

The other half introduces new techniques such as: Front Kick, Raising Crotch Kick, Double Tan Sau, Double Bong Sau, Double Biu Tze and Double Palm Strike. I also think the form introduces the idea of connecting with your opponent by making physical contact against their strike and then counter-striking them.

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