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Wing Chun Flight Attendants

All The Ways You Can Relax and Take Care of Your Shoulders for Wing Chun

The problem every Wing Chun practitioner has faced: Stiff shoulders.

Wing Chun Training: Body Conditioning

Wing Chun Conditioning Exercises for Men and Women (Beginner Friendly)

Strengthen your body for Wing Chun by conditioning it with these simple workouts.

Dan Chi Sao

The Importance of Taking Notes After Wing Chun Class

This is how you can remember every Wing Chun technique you learn.

Ip Chun Chi Sao

Why You Should Learn From a Wing Chun School

Start your Wing Chun journey by finding the right school for you.

Bruce Lee and Yip Man Doing Chi Sao

Chi Sao – Using the Basics to Create Something New

Learn how knowing the basics can help you create and improve your Chi Sao skills!

Yip Man Shifting

The Art of Shifting in Wing Chun

Learn how effective a slight change in leg and hip positioning can increase your range of striking!

Ip Chun Single Hand Chi Sao

Wing Chun Centerline Theory – Understanding the Centerline

Learn why the centerline is so important in Wing Chun and how understanding it will improve your skills greatly!

Yip Man on the Wing Chun dummy

Let’s Improve Your Wing Chun Dummy Training

Do you understand the purpose of the Wing Chun dummy?

Wing Chun

Wing Chun Training Without a Partner

When you don’t have a training partner, practice solo.