Our Latest Posts About Wing Chun

Let’s Talk About Kwan Sau

Let’s talk about Kwan Sau (don’t get it confused with Double Arm Gan Sau)!

The Importance in Maintaining the Wing Chun Stance

Let’s talk about the Wing Chun stance and why it’s important to maintain it during your training.

Let’s Talk About Gan Sau

Let’s talk about Gan Sau and why I don’t use it often!

Bruce Lee Working Out

Should I Do Weightlifting and Wing Chun Together?

Does lifting weights affect my Wing Chun? Here’s my opinion as a lifter.

Bruce Lee Defending with a Kick

Let’s Talk About Pak Sau

Pak Sau is used to deflect or redirect the opponent’s strike away from our centerline.

Wing Chun Long Pole

The Simple But Difficult 6.5 Long Pole Form

The struggles of the simple yet difficult 6.5 Long Pole Form!

Guard Up and Wu Sau

Wu Sau is one of the first hand techniques we learn and it’s also our most versatile.

Yip Man Shifting

Trust Your Bong Sau

Here are the benefits of trusting your Bong Sau.

Let’s Talk About Chum Kiu

Let’s talk about the second open hand form in Wing Chun and also do it together!