Let’s Talk About Gan Sau

Let’s talk about Gan Sau and why I don’t use it often!

Gan Sau is a technique used to defend against strikes targeting the mid to lower body…and I rarely use it. The reason is because, in my class, we’re conditioned to strike high and aim for the neck and head. Usually, Tan Sau or Bong Sau is enough to defend against these strikes.

However, when it comes to lower strikes, I know it’s one of my bigger weaknesses because when I do get a strike aimed at my lower body, I’m usually open. To remedy this, I plan to talk to my training partners in the future and have them use more lower strikes so I can practice and use Gan Sau more often!

Let’s Talk About Double Arm Gan Sau

Like Gan Sau, I don’t use Double Arm Gan Sau often. I do practice it through the forms and drills in class but outside of that, I don’t use it. The main reason is because I don’t find it practical for me. I feel using both my arms to defend is too much of a commitment. I never want to resort to using two arms for one purpose but If I do, I need to follow up.

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