Our Latest Posts About Wing Chun

Let’s Talk About Biu Tze

Biu Tze is the final open hand form in Wing Chun and is the first introduction to elbow strikes. Learn to differentiate the elbow strikes of Wing Chun!

Unlock Your Third Arm With Wing Chun!

Here’s how Wing Chun gives you an extra arm!

Thinking Outside the Box to Create New Wing Chun Techniques

Wing Chun should be personalized to each individual. Here is how I created my own forms and expanded my techniques using the fundamentals of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun vs The World

Which is fighting style is better? Wing Chun or Muay Thai? or Boxing? or Karate?

Let’s Talk About Jut Sau

This is how I use Jut Sau as a combo starter.

The Importance of Footwork in Wing Chun

The foundation of Wing Chun begins with footwork. Here are my extensive notes and drills used to improve my Wing Chun footwork!

Let’s Talk About Sensitivity

Sensitivity training is concealing your intent from your opponent and prevent them from sensing an attack!

Let’s Talk About Lop Sau

This is all you need to know about Lop Sau, also known as the “Pulling Hand”!

Let’s Talk About Tan Sau

Learn how tensing or relaxing your Tan Sau can affect how effective it is when being used!