Wing Chun vs The World

Let’s talk about using Wing Chun against other fighting styles!

This is definitely a topic I want to hear your opinion on so I’m going to share my opinion first.

I think all fighting styles are good because if they weren’t, they would no longer exist.

If we were to focus on two specific styles, for example: Wing Chun vs Muay Thai. Depending if the fight follows Muay Thai rules or Wing Chun rules, that style will have an advantage over the other but having an advantage doesn’t always guarantee winning a fight.

However, without rules, I believe every style, or no style, has the same odds with a 50% chance to defeat their opponent and 50% chance to be defeated by their opponent.

That being said, this brings up another question. What is the purpose of putting two fighting styles against each other? To determine which is better? I think this is an open ended question because there will always be someone that is stronger, faster, and better, regardless of fighting style or experience.

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