Let’s Talk About Tan Sau

Let’s talk about Tan Sau!

I think Tan Sau is the most used technique in Wing Chun but I feel I haven’t been using it effectively enough when I’m in a pinch. The reason is because when it comes down to it, I try to muscle my Tan Sau against my opponent to see who’s stronger. Whether I’m stronger or not, this method requires way too much energy in the Tan Sau. The better way to solve it is to use the Tan Sau elbow power!

The idea is to relax instead of tense. If I tense, I will rely on my strength. If I relax, I rely on my technique. To use the elbow power, I have to be relaxed. Once relaxed, I simply drop my elbow towards my centerline to get into Tan Sau.

I encourage you to try this out so you can understand the difference between a tensed Tan Sau and a relaxed Tan Sau using elbow power.

Note: Tan Sau blocks and deflects with the forearm and not the fingers.

Tan Sau in Chi Sao

Let’s talk about learning my Tan Sau’s weakness in Chi Sao.

This past weekend, I learned about my Tan Sau’s weakness from my Wing Chun meet up at Central Park. When I roll from Bong Sau to Tan Sau, I tend to relax my Tan Sau which makes me vulnerable for attacks.

I have never thought about this and no one has brought it to my attention before. My friend Marc was the one who noticed and gave me feedback, after our Chi Sao session, to address it. Marc suggested when I roll, I should maintain the same forward intent I have with my Bong Sau in my Tan Sau.

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