The Simple But Difficult 6.5 Long Pole Form

Getting Into The 6.5 Long Pole Horse and Cat Stance

Today I show you my current progress in my horse and cat stance training for the 6.5 Long Pole Form.

Wing Chun Long Pole

It is hard but I have been working on my horse and cat stance. I only see a small amount of progress from last week. Since then, I’ve been keeping these three key things in mind when I’m working on my stances. These three things are:

  1. Switch between stances when my leg start to burn.
  2. Try to stay the same level when switching between my stances.
  3. Breath!

In this video I maintain my stance for a little under a minute. I am still working on it and doing my best to keep adding a second to my time.

My short term goal is to reach two minutes before burning out. My long term goal is five minutes. It seems like a short time but for me it still seems really far ahead of what I am capable of right now. But this won’t stop me, I have a goal and I am going to keep training towards it!

Re-learning the 6.5 Long Pole Form

My biggest challenge in re-learning the form is getting back into the horse stance because my body is not used to it. The horse stance is the complete opposite of the traditional Wing Chun stance. The Wing Chun stance is where your toes are pointed inwards, hip sticking forward, and chest sunk in. The horse stance is toes pointing forwards, hip sticking out, and chest out. Opposites, am I right?

On the occasion where I do manage to maintain my horse stance, I can only hold my stance for at most 20 seconds before my legs give out and I have to stand up again.

My only solution I’ve come up so far is to tough it out and work through the pain, 1 second at a time.

This is where you can help. If you’ve experienced this and successfully overcame these challenges, please share your tips with me and everyone else who may be going through this. Any suggestion is appreciated!

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