Using Uppercuts in Wing Chun

Let’s talk about uppercuts in Wing Chun!

I’ve been playing around with the uppercut motion in Chi Sao. It resembles a scooping motion.

Most of the strikes I’ve learned in Wing Chun are straight or come from an angle. What’s strange is why there aren’t many uses of uppercuts. If you know why, please let me know in the comments!

For me, the only uppercut I can recall in Wing Chun is in the Biu Tze form.

Wing Chun is for close range and I feel uppercuts can benefit so much in such a close range.

So, I thought of 3 ways I can use the uppercut in Wing Chun.

Please keep in mind that these are just ideas I’m playing with.

  1. Below Strike – It is used directly as a strike where it’s below eye level. The strike can attack along my opponent’s centerline, from the stomach to the sternum to the chest to the throat or to the chin.
  2. Close & Low Opener – It is not a strike but as an opener to get in my opponent’s space.
  3. Open for Business – It is to use the Close & Low Opener then attack with a straight strike. This is more when I’m pinned in and I need to find a way into my opponent’s space to counter attack.

As always with any new ideas, please try them out to see if they work. If it doesn’t, try to figure out why. Let me know how it works for you.

Question: Do you use the uppercut motion in your Wing Chun?

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