Name That Wing Chun Technique!

Let’s talk about the names of our Wing Chun techniques.

I’ve come to understand that techniques can have multiple names but ultimately, the technique is that technique in it’s form.

I think the reason for different names are because of all the different lineages with different spellings. For non native and even native Cantonese speakers, like myself, the sounds and spelling can get lost. The way I write Wing Chun techniques in English is based on how I hear the words and I spell it the way I think it sounds.

I don’t think the spelling is important. I also don’t think having to name a technique correctly is important either. There are often times where I forget a name of a technique BUT I know how to do it. So let’s say one day I forget what a Bong Sau is called, I may just end up calling it “The Obtuse Angle” or “The Left Chicken Wing”.

All that matters is you and how you know it. Focus on what’s important, the technique.

Question: What are some common “misspellings” that you see that are different from the way you’ve learned it?

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