The Visualization Technique: Improve through Meditation

I came up with a way that has kept my form in shape and my technique without having to physically do anything.

Before I go into details, you should know that this shouldn’t be an excuse to not do the form or practice with a partner. It’s for people who…

I call it the Visualization Technique. I start by going through my form in real time, (breathing matching my visualization), then go through my Chi Sao technique and their counters and defenses.

When I do the Chi Sao technique and defenses, I visualize every detail. I imagine myself in my class in uniform, partnered with the same person, and always in the same spot.

This should take about 15 minutes and feels like meditation.

I do this in the evenings before I go to sleep. All the mental concentration I use to focus on the form and techniques helps me fall asleep.

Give it a try. Be sure to be as detailed as you can in your visualization. It will help keep your mind sharp!

Let me know how it works for you. Tell me your experience in the comments!

Practice Wing Chun While You’re on Vacation

Today we answer Giuseppe’s questions about practicing Wing Chun while on vacation!

Below are Giuseppe​’s current training methods while on vacation. I have edited his messages for clarity and included my comments.

  1. I’m using heavy rocks to do my form and other drills.
    • My reply: I would separate my forms from general exercises. If you want to lift weights, you should but separately from the forms. I personally believe adding weights to the form creates bad habits such as using strength when you should be relaxed.
  2. I’m using a volleyball to do drills to practice maintaining contact and working on keeping my elbows in the centerline.
    • My reply: If you’re holding the ball in your hands doing the drills, I think a volleyball/football is too big. I was taught that we should visualize a tennis ball in our hands and keep that distance between our hands.
  3. I’m experimenting with the Chi Sao ring.
    • My reply: I have no experience using the ring, and I think what you can do with the ball is just as good as doing it with the ring.
  4. I’m using a tree to substitute a dummy.
    • My reply: If you’re using the tree to visualize an opponent, that is great. It’s good practice for stepping and determining your striking distance between you and an opponent.

Giuseppe, I hope my answers here and in the video makes sense! Feel free to message me for further clarification if you need it!

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

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